// Filton Road

Brookley was contracted to complete a two story side extension as well as a rear extension and full refurbishment to a classic semi detached house in Lymington New Forest. The project started with a removal of a asbestos Garage. The job required significant structural work including installation via crane, of steel work to support new extension including fabricating and welding. Works included installation of windows to extended, converted areas as well as installation of new staircase and restoration of old staircase, installing solid hardwood flooring, new plumbing including installation of new boiler and complete rewire of electrics, including consumer unit before moving onto a full refurbishment of the property, fitting new kitchen, the creation of a tiled bathrooms and ensuites, and full redecoration. A the very end of the project the client asked to complete large patio to rear with sleeper walls and fencing to the garden.

// Primrose Cottage


A full back-to-brick refurbishment of a bungalow home in Lymington New Forest. Brookley team has completed a range of construction tasks including building two extensions, one at the side and one at the back of the estate. As requested the rear wall of the garden extension has been constructed with firm timber and glass.To meet demands of our client a complete disassembly and reconstruction of the slate roof took place. Following our client's design we also have incorporated into the house the internal garage. Upon completion of major reworking our team took care of fitting bathrooms, tiling and decoration of the whole House.

// Waters Green Court


Family estate reworked into a home filled with sunlight. Under our team's care we have conducted a series of alterations to the original house. Accordingly to our client's demands we have provided a full size side extension doubling the space and significantly increasing the volume of indoors light through the rooftop windows and bifold doors. Furthermore the front entrance has been pulled away from the building with a construction of a fully covered porch. After finishing the extensions we have proceeded to fulfill the rest of client's wishes with complete replacement of all internal doors and finishing redecorations.

// St.Saviours Church

A unique experience of bringing the old and the new together. With appropriate cautiousness and care our team have worked on a site located in close proximity to the historic church. According to the requirements of the client we have provided extension attached to building complex. Our team adapted the new space to house additional offices, a new community space and a bigger kitchen.Following our client demands to ensure maximal accessibility we have also built a toilet accommodated for the disabled. External building has been fitted with slate roof and sun pipes providing natural light inside the extension. Finally the connection hall between buildings has been covered with easy to maintain and durable fiberglass roof.